The Library and Information Centre (L.I.Ce.) of Technical University of Crete was founded in 1977, but it first operated during the academic year 1984-1985. It was first located at a preserved building in the center of Chania until 1993, and then moved to a modern building (E1 building), especially designed for its needs, at the university campus, in Kounoupidiana. From September 2005 until October 2013, a branch library was operating in the Former French School, in Halepa, for the Department of Architecture. The funding of the European Union, through the developing programmes EPEAEK I and EPEAEK II, has vitally contributed to the enhancement of the library's collection and technical infrastructure and also to the development of new services. In September 2007 another building (D1 building) started to operate in the campus, housing the journal and audiovisual collection of the L.I.Ce. From January 2015 onwards, the only physical space of the L.I.Ce. is D1 building.

The mission of the L.I.Ce. is to support the teaching and learning, research and service goals of the University, to contribute in the information provision to the general public and to actively participate in every activity promoting education and culture.

The core collection of the L.I.Ce. includes loanable material. All TUC members can register, in order to become library users. Students of ATEI of Crete and residents of Chania may also register as external users. The Library uses Sierra as its Integrated Library System (ILS). The Online Public Access  Catalogue (OPAC) is accessible via internet.

The Library and Information Centre of TUC is developing its existing services and creates new ones in order to satisfy the demands of being a modern academic library. It has joined several cooperative consortiums (e.g. HEAL-Link), it ensures constant staff education and promotes the introduction of new technologies in the field of Information Science.

Opening Hours

During academic semesters, the D1 Library building is open, from Monday till Friday, from 9:00 - 19:45.

During vacation periods, opening hours of the L.I.Ce. change. Changes are publicized through print and electronic announcements.

You may contact the L.I.Ce. helpdesk at telephone number +30 28210 37440, fax +30 28210 37576, e-mail: info-library<at>