The collection of the L.I.Ce. includes the following material:

Print material

The print material includes journals, books, diploma theses, master theses, doctoral dissertations, standards, maps preprints and newspapers.

Non-Print material

It includes CD-ROMs, DVDs, video-tapes, audio-tapes, Microfilm/fiche, and diskettes.

Microfilm/fiche: They are mainly parts of the Serials Collection. A Microfilm/fiche reader/printer is available to enable their use.

DVDs, video-tapes, audio-tapes: They are for teaching and recreational purposes.

CD-ROMs, diskettes: The L.I.Ce. provides access to a satisfactory number of databases in CD-ROM format and CD titles. For accessing databases in CD-ROMs format and CD titles users are provided with PCs. When CDs and diskettes are supplements of books, copies are available to users.

Electronic material

It refers to the electronic access, up to and including, the full text of journal articles, databases and Internet resources.